Hario V60 Brewing Guide (How we do it at Kurasu)

Hario V60 Brewing Guide (How we do it at Kurasu)

June 28, 2017 0 Comments

Hario V60 has been loved by professionals and for coffee lovers for it’s flexibility and liberty it allows. How you pour can make a big difference, and that’s where your personality and technique comes in--and that’s why getting it right can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, you are not alone!

Here's a base recipe we use at our cafe in Kurasu Kyoto. We work around adjusting grind sizes and ratios depending on the beans and roast type, but this should work as a allrounder to achieve a clean cup for your home brew. 

What you need:

Pour over cone, Paper filter (rinse before use), Burr blade grinder, Pouring kettle, Digital scales, Server, Stopwatch.

12g Grind Coffee (Around EK43: 7 Fine-medium grind)

Water temperature: 92-96 degrees


Place the conical filter in your cone and give it a quick rinse to get rid of any papery flavours that may be there.


Stick your water on to heat up. 92-96 degrees is the sweet spot – with a conventional kettle it’s best to let it boil and then sit for a minute or two.


Place coffee in the filter and dig a small hole as though you are planting a seed.


Place your cone and vessel onto your scales and tare them off, letting you weigh out the water as you’re brewing. For this recipe we’re rocking a pretty standard ratio of 12g coffee to 200g of water (60g/litre).


Start your timer, then slowly and gently introduce 25g water into your little “seed hole” and check out the coffee as it blooms.


At the 30 second mark the coffee should have bloomed and then begun to sink again, meaning it’s time to give it a bit more water. Pour up to 110g, then after counting around a minute, pour up to 200g, and give it a light stir to ged rid of any harshness, and let it flow a bit. The brewing process should be completed within 2 minutes or so.

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