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No complaints.

Just beautiful!

This is the most beautiful dripper I own (and I own quite a lot ;)). Love to brew and bloom my coffee with this MT. FUJI Dripper.


Perfect for the Hario V60 Dripper!

Kurasu Coffee White T Shirt

The T shirt blend well with my blue jeans. The design of the T shirt is unique and simple. The material is of good quality. The size I ordered fitted me well. I like the T shirt. White blend well with any colours of my pants.

It’s beautiful and the result is always good. It’s a must have.

Gave the subscription as a gift, husband loves it

I went to Japan last year, without my husband, and I brought back some Japanese coffee for him. He said it was the best coffee he's ever had (he loves coffee). I found Kurasu and ordered the gift subscription to continue our supply of Japanese coffee. My husband said the last batch of coffee was even better than the one I brought back. He loves the light, clean roast of the Japanese style coffee - says it's better than anything you can get in the US. Thanks, Kurasu!


Matte black - it's clean, it's simple. I've been using it every single day for the past few months and the finish looks no different than the day it arrived. I recommend washing it by hand.

High quality kettle

high quality kettle, love it so much, recommended

Nice Paper Filters

Received my order in excellent condition, despite delays from the customs (from where I’m located).
I actually prefer this set of paper filters from the pack of 100 (tabbed filters) because of its softer feel. I also use less water in rinsing these untabbed filters compared to the tabbed ones. Also noticed the untabbed filters impart less papery smell in contrast to the tabbed filters.
Will definitely order my next purchase here again once I run out of supplies!

Perfect design and brilliant coffee

Initially Kurasu sent me an incorrect brewer as they have re-named the product after my purchase. But the delivery was quick and I ended with two brewers!!! Perfect services.
In regards to KALITA WAVE SAGAN (SANDSTONE) CERAMIC DRIPPER, the wave extracted more coffee flavour and with Kurasu's coffee subscription, I may now start my day with a perfect coffee. Love your products and services!!!

I really like this V60 dripper. The light pink is so beautiful.

Matches my Kalita Wave 185 perfectly!

Great little server to use.

Great looking little storage bag

Fantastic and functional!

A joy to use and looks stunning at the same time

Excellent dripper, I'm a noob to pour over coffee and similar to other reviewers it is extremely forgiving.

Experiencing Japan through coffee

Its almost half a year since I subscribed and every month I get excited and track the package till it arrives at my door. The whole experience of waiting, opening these beautifully created packs and the coffee which is such a delight to brew.
Thank you Kurasu

Daily dripper

Awesome dripper to use daily. consistent results every time. super quick shipping from karasu too.


Perfect design of the dripper, making very good brewing coffee ☕️

Nice colour kettle

Perfect design gracefully curving spout making continuous pouring coffee Dripper

Perfect coffee grinders

Very nice coffee grinders, make a good coffee, I really love it 😊

Great design

Well crafted, it was purchase as a gift for a friend. He loves it.

Bird house

Great design, whenever I used it I can imagine birds flying in the sky.

Roasted Beans

Received my first monthly subscription. The beans were fresh and had an amazing smell. Great coffee. Has anyone tried mixing the two types of beans together?

A beautiful kettle for one-cup brewing which allows for a very precise pour! Highly recommended!

Black Hario Bruno kettle

Really easy to use and aesthetically pleasing

Ethiopia Sidamo (light roast)

Love the filter beans from Ethiopia, it has a really smooth aftertaste

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