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Satisfied customer

I received the items in good condition. It helps me to save money. Using this encourages me to prepare my own coffee instead of buying in cafes.

Recomended tumbler

Good design , keeep my coffee hot and easy to take anywhere . Love this tumbler !!!

Nice brewer

It's easier to use as compare with other brewer. The flat bottom resulted in even extraction. Thanks Kurasu for the great service.


It smell good
Tasete is smooth


Its taste too light
It seems no taste
But the coffee bean is smell good

Matt black V60

Dripper was very easy to use and had support from Kurasu to kick start my experiments. Awesome support!


I received my first month of coffee and really enjoyed it. It was from Kurasu's own beans, and i was pleasantly surprised by this! Both beans had their own unique tastes, so I was very glad to be able to try both. I am looking forward to my next months beans!

Good product

Great product quality

Fast delivery

Product quality is great. Fast delivery from kurasu. Thumbs up to their service.

Great peoduct

Great quality product. Love it.

Beautiful light pink dripper that pulls out amazing coffee. I really like my Ilcana limited edition v60 dripper.

compact and nice manual grinder

This is just what I want for handy grinder. It is easy to carry while on the go!!

Perfect for travels

As small as a milk pour pitcher but performs as a normal gooseneck kettle. very easy to control the pour and beautiful aesthetics

1 Word: Amazing

I recently picked up 4 of these during Black Friday as a Christmas gift for some of my family members; needless to say, they absolutely love them.

Some comments:
- Very aesthetic design; both colours and the shape are excellent.
- Feels durable and comfortable to hold.
- Holds exactly the right amount of coffee (we use Nespresso at home which fits just right)
- Keeps coffee warm for a long time.
- Shipping worked out well and everything was nicely packages.
- I regret not ordering the dish towels that were also on sale!!

Good and different from Hario V60

I have been using Hario V60 for some years now and the Torch Mountain for a couple months and both are very different. With the V60 every pour over is a surprise, because they vary for the slightiest changes you made in every detail and the Mountain you have something more constant. With Mountain I couldn't get the acidity and also the sweetness that I can get with the V60. It's not a bad coffee, I enjoy it everytime, but it's a coffee that hides the surprises of the bean, while the V60 emphasizes them. Even if it's the Torch version for lighter beans, it's probably a brewing method for those who enjoy more darker beans.

Amazing copper for a good cup of coffee ! ☕️

Very fast delivery for the distance (to France, a little disappointed for the tax duty to pay...) but Great design. Great built. Comfortable & convenient to use. I love how the water falls from the little hole. Really great measure for 2 mug (600 ml). Hario made the perfect product once again. Product of a life ! ありがとうございます。
Merci KURASU ! ミカエル。

cute and functional

It looks very stylish and is easy to clean. Also quite light and portable, it does not take up too much space in my handbag but it is big enough for my daily drinking use.

Great pour over cup

Excellent mug that's the perfect size for a single cup of coffee. The wide base makes it very stable when holding a dripper, the thin walls mean it heats up quickly, and the top fits Hario and Kalita Wave drippers. The white is more of a cream color in person, but looks very nice regardless.

Very satisfied with this product.

Convenient to use.

This hand grinder is easy to use, fast delivery and good customer service!

The grinder is handy and easy to use. There was an unfortunate incident where the the grinder broke after one month of use. But Kurasu was very helpful and prompt in their reply when I emailed them about it, and they replaced a new grinder for me.

Favourite tumbler

I love its design, and it's light and easy to clean! the materials make it nice to hold with. highly recommend!


Recibí la compra y estoy muy conforme con el producto. Es excelente. Gracias y felices fiestas

Quite possibly the best travel mug ever...

The design and performance of this tumbler is wonderful. Finally a functional mug that actually fits well in any cup holder and isn’t meant to hold 1 gallon of liquid. I’m a fan.

Basically suitable for any cup!

It fits from my little traveling mug to the wildest coffee cup from my office! Its so goood! I love it!

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